Summer Read: Sunburn

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

I have found a new novel, and author that I am obsessed with! Laura Lippman, author of my summer read, Sunburn, is a genius. Sunburn is such a page turner, bringing you a psychological thriller about a woman, Polly, in hiding, meeting a man, Adam, who is just as mysterious as Polly. Trying to start over new, before possibly having to flee again, both Polly and Adam are falling in love but both have secrets of their own and together from even more secrets, including murder. 

What I loved about this book, besides the story, is how it was written. The story is told at a good pace- not rushed and not drawn out either. We quickly find out what we need to know but more information is revealed as the story progresses. I really felt like the pieces of info we were given each chapter was enough to make us want more. We were left with questions that eventually got answered, but done so in a way that each character got to tell from their perspective. So we get to know each character in each chapter but also each character adds info about the whole story and all characters involved. That way, all the characters are contributing pieces of the puzzle (and secrets), while driving the story. It's a great way of multitasking and making it so that even if a character may not be as interesting or as likable, they still help the reader gain interesting information. 

I was relived to read and enjoy this book because the book before this one lost my interest and was taking too long to tell the story. Sunburn came to the rescue and I read half of it within a few days, it was so hard to put down! I tried to save the rest of the book for the rest of the month but couldn't help just finishing it early! I'm excited to read more from Laura Lippman, as this book was such a page turner and the story was told so well!I love how quickly we are drawn in and how the story keeps developing as the characters try to survive the present, while they are chased by the past. 

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