Lush Must Have: Shampoo Bars

Friday, July 5, 2019

One of the innovative products Lush has is their dry shampoos. To be honest, I never really understood their importance other than perfect for travel. You can purchase a bar tin for storage and since they're small, they're even more convenient! Lush also sells a variety of these depending on your haircare needs. I haven't used one in years and when I randomly decided to use one again, I was convinced these bars are a must have!

The two bars I've ever tried are Seanik and Karma Komba. Seanik ingredients include seaweed, sea salt, lemon, citrus, and jasmine. This one mainly smells like the ocean but in a pleasant way! Not too salty. It's made to add shine, volume, and soften the hair. I personally do see some shine and a bit of volume but the main benefit of this is it really cleans my hair. It is so cleansing and smells so good!

Karma Komba's main ingredients are citrus, gardenia, and patchouli. This shampoo bar doesn't have a recognizable scent, though. It's hard to describe what it actually smells like because the mix of ingredients is pretty random scent wise. It's definitely a floral scent, something refreshing but a little herbal. Karma Komba is made to soothe, tone, and detangle. This one is also very cleansing and a little more softening than Seanik. 

Overall, I've noticed that using these bars really cleans my hair and they lather up SO easily. Also, unlike other shampoos- my hair feels really clean as I comb my hand through it and I noticed because of how clean my hair is, anything I apply after works better such as conditioner or leave in conditioner. If your hair isn't completely cleaned, anything you add after won't attach to the hair strands, it just slides off and thus you don't get any effect or use. So after I use these super cleansing shampoo bars, my conditioner works better and my hair treatment products that I put on as leave in give better results. My hair is also lighter, curls easier, and looks so much healthier! It's all about that cleansing.  I've honestly never felt my hair so clean and easier to manage. I love how curly my natural curls get- makes them look more orderly and not as messy or frizzy. 

These bars are around $10 each and I highly recommend giving them a try! I only wash my hair twice a week and I use these bars every other time I wash my hair. These also last a long time and I thought leaving them wet in the storage tins would make it hard to get them out but that's totally not a problem! Overall, these bars are just amazing and my new favorite thing to use!

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