Blogilates Summer Sculpt Program

Friday, July 5, 2019

 Blogilates is a brand I've been following for years. I love the routines, vibes, and inspiration. It's not just fitness, it's having fun and being excited to workout. Blogilates also has a ton of resources including fitness calendars, videos, and even a store where you can purchase workout clothes and equipment. I've never tried a program before so if I was going to try one I had to try a Blogilates program since it's a brand I trust and love to follow. 

Among many of the other programs, Summer Sculpt is a free 28 days and features 4 weeks of 7 routines. Mondays are total body, Tuesdays are Lower Body, Wednesdays are Upper Body, Thursdays are Core & Butt, Fridays are Thighs & Obliques, Saturdays are Stretching, and Sundays are Cardio & Abs. Every week you repeat those routines. I completed the program and found it very educational and challenging. 

Overall, this program is so great. The videos (on YT) are very easy and fun to follow. They are all at home, no equipment routines which is so convenient!! You learn a lot about form, breathing, and even learn new exercises. While the program is challenging, the videos provide alternates and guide you with ways to achieve more challenging exercises. I love an instructor who acknowledges that not everyone can be as strong and flexible and an instructor that provides encouragement. 

I really enjoyed the routines. Not only did I learn new exercises, which is always fun, but the mix of exercises within the routines had a good flow. (My only comment is some exercises worked the same muscle group back to back which can cause overuse and injury so I did the routines in my own order when I felt like I might hurt myself). The routines are all a great mix of exercises, for the most part I love all the routines. Some of them feature exercises I either hated (ie Burpees, no thanks) or didn't find that they worked for me but that was only a couple exercises. And I would substitute those. For the majority of the program, however, I loved the routines and was excited every week to repeat them and see if I could do more reps.

In the end, I did feel that I got better at the exercises (balance, endurance) and my strength definitely improved. It felt so great to be able to see progress with exercises and routines. I highly recommend trying this program! As challenging as it can be, it's fun to try new things and track progress (but you also want to take it at your own pace). There were a few days where I wasn't able to do all the reps or even all the exercises but I did what I could and would try harder the next week. That's something I liked about repeating the weeks is that you could track your progress with each routine. 

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