Album Review: She Is Coming

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Miley Cyrus' music is always evolving and ther new EP, She is Coming, features 6 songs that may be her most raw and edgy yet. I'm a Miley Cyrus fan, but every album of hers does feature some great songs and then some I don't care for and this album is no exception to that personal opinion of mine. I think this EP features some awesome tracks, while other songs aren't so much a "hit" for me. But overall, the album is good so let's review...

First of all, her voice is stunning on this album and her lyrics are great- for most songs. She has so many different moods, styles, and themes wrapped up into this small "project" but regardless of which songs I love or hate, her voice is phenomenal in every track. She knows how to use her voice and I love that she uses it in a variety of tones and styles.

Secondly, every song features honesty and rawness, almost like a diary. There's songs about love, drugs, sex, and everything in between. Like I said, her raw and edgiest album to date! But as raw and edgy as these songs may be, I feel like compared to other songs and albums, they're done more tastefully, and more relatable. She's not just saying obscene and nasty things to say them (for the most part), she's revealing and sharing personal information.

These tracks are a mix of party, hip hopish, pop and even some country vibes. No two songs are alike which is really cool because there's a song for almost everyone. I think the aim with having every track be so different is every track is it's own- tells it's own story and sets it's own mood. I like every song but I definitely have a rank of fav to least fav...

  1. The Most - I listen to this song EVERYDAY. It is such a mood and it is my favorite song on the album. This is definitely more of a country, pop, hip hop vibe that is more of a love ballad. Her voice and lyrics are very genuine and beautiful. She sings about receiving unconditional love and admitting to taking advantage of it. This is self reflection and a deep exposure of a relationship. I do love that the song is a bit upbeat in tone, even though the lyrics are depressing, because it provides some positivity to the overall situation. While the rest of the EP has songs that are mostly good but for me, have some downsides, this is the only song I completely love in every aspect. 

  2. Mother's Daughter - This is an ANTHEM. This song is very empowering and loudly proclaims owning who you are and getting what you deserve. It touches on topics about female power, struggle, and freedom. Women are often seen as bitches or seen as aggressive when they go after what they want and deserve (whether it be political, personal, or public issues). I really love this song even more for it's message because women struggle every day to be equal and gain rights. 

  3. Unholy - I wasn't sure about this song at first but I really like it- the beat is good, lyrics are just as raw and kinda sad as DREAM, but it's more empowering because she has no shame in being under the influence and being "unholy". We all do things that others may find unorthodox and she owns up to her "bad" habits which make her an outcast but "so what, so is everyone else". 

  4. DREAM - This song is actually beautiful even though the message is kinda sad. I love the beat, love the lyrics, her voice, and even the message which while it's raw and sad, is still told gracefully. Well, as gracefully as admitting drug use can be. I will say this song is really good until the end- I think the rapping at the end kinds ruins it a bit. 

  5. Party Up The Street - This song has a good, chill, summer beat and I personally love Swae Lee. The lyrics aren't anything amazing but overall this song sets a nice mood for chillin and just having a good time.

  6. Cattitude - This song has a good beat but the lyrics are way too vulgar and I'm not crazy about Miley's rapping. 

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