Creamy Chicken Curry

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Chicken curry is one of my favorite chicken dishes to order and I have been curious about cooking with coconut milk so I decided to try out coconut milk for the first time and use it to cook chicken curry, for the first time. And I was honestly sooo excited because it looks fairly easy and turned out sooo delicious.

First of all, there are many different ways to make curry- so many recipes! I wanted to make one that is creamy so I opted to use coconut milk (very common for the dish) and peanut butter. Sounds bizarre to add peanut butter but trust me, it's so good. The entire recipe is sauteed onions and garlic, then sauteed one cut up tomato (to me adding tomato just balances out the rest of the ingredients and adds color), throw in some carrots and spinach, sauteed those as well, then add cut up chicken breast, seasoning all that with salt and pepper. The last step is adding the peanut butter ( about two scoops), a can of coconut milk, curry seasoning, turmeric, and some chili flakes, all to taste.

I did notice the more I cooked this dish, the more oily it got, so I drained some of the oil and added half a cup of water which brought the creaminess back- thank god! Then I served with white rice and voila! This dish is honestly soooo delicious and I was amazed at how easy and how good I got the recipe on the first try. I knew the basics of the curry- adding curry seasoning and some turmeric, but the peanut butter and adding tomatoes was just my gut instinct. It just felt right and turned out amazing! I did get a suggestion to use coconut cream to make it even creamier and given that there are so many recipes (adding chickpeas, adding potatoes, etc.), I can't wait to try out more variations of this dish!!


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