Spring Read: The Girl in the Garden

Monday, May 6, 2019

I usually aim to read a book a month but February's read was a bit challenging and I ended up spending two months enjoying the read. This book, The Girl in The Garden, was a good one, but the author's style of writing was a different format than your usual novel so I had to reread paragraphs and try to keep up with the story. But overall, this book is very good so let's get into the review...

The Girl in The Garden, written by Melanie Wallace, is a story about a young mom, June, abandoned by her partner, living in a new town, fending for herself and her son. June luckily finds help & shelter, provided by strangers who take her in as if she's their own. Trying to figure out why anyone would be so kind and helpful to someone they don't know, June and the reader uncover the history and mystery to each person helping her. We learn secrets, desires, goals, and everything about these townfolk helping her and her newborn, and in a bigger, more meaningful picture we learn the value of relationship.

As I read the book, I focused so much on each individual person- since the book is set up to tell this story from viewpoints of every character. Even as I finished the book, I focused on the ending. So throughout the book and in the end I was focusing on pieces and finally after a week of reflecting on the story, once I finished it, I realized the bigger picture- relationships. This story wasn't just about June and her son or her past or her present OR her future. It wasn't just every character's life story as told in dedicated chapters to those characters and it wasn't just about the ending- which tugs at your heartstrings. It's about relationships. Mother and daughter, neighbors, best friends, and so forth. Every character was important to June not just because they helped her in her time of need but because they showed her the meaning of relationship, which she never has before. 

In this story we encounter a variety of situations- including a widower, a lonely old man, and a traumatized young veteran. People who have reasons to help out June- ways they can fullfill their own goals and help out June at the same time. This novel is also very raw with emotion and despair. It details the unfortunate and intense ways in which every character has suffered and has lost. And in the end - they all find peace, thanks to the girl who lives in the garden.

I recommend this book but will say it can be a tough read at times. The author goes on very long run on sentences. One sentence can be a paragraph long- so I had to reread a lot- getting lost easily. But once I caught on to the story and every character involved- I was able to keep up. The author is also very very descriptive and goes on and on with imagery and description of a situation so it's alot to take in sometimes and have to keep the stories straight. But every detail helps to understand exactly the pain an suffering that ties into why everyone want to help June and her son, and how these relationships are meaningful!

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