Journal: Getting Some Fresh Air

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

As introvert as I can be (Netflix is my bae), cabin fever is real and staying indoors too much can be addicting but also unhealthy. I'm not just talking going outside for physical reasons, which is important, but also getting outside for mental reasons. Even a 15 minute walk can really clear your mind and provide a reset button. 

I'll be honest here, I do get lazy and find so many reason to just stay in including Netflix binging, cooking, just working out inside instead of getting out. I'll even run some errands and think that's good enough but going for a walk is much different than just running errands to the store or bank. I try to get outside once a day for a walk but I'm not gonna lie- I don't keep up well with that. I do get outside every weekend and go for walks with my boyfriend and when I'm outside I do miss the outdoors. But even then, during the weeks I fall back into a lazy indoor routine that I know I should break.

So let's talk about ways to motivate yourself to get outside because this has become important for me, even as I'm still trying to practice this daily. First things first, take advantage of good weather. Even if it's a bit cold I throw on some cozy, warm clothes but on days when it's sunny and bright is when I make no excuses and make time to go for a stroll. Another obstacle for me personally, is when to get outside. I'm a morning person and I'm more likely to get things done first thing in the morning. If i wait til the afternoon or evening, I'm a lot lazier. I wait until the weather isn't so chilly and I just throw on some yoga pants, tennis shoes, a longsleeve, and sunglasses. I also take some headphones and throw on some tunes. I even check my mailbox just to add more motivation if I'm that lazy. And if I need even more reasons to get outside, I'll go for a bike ride, visit a local park and sit on the swings, or even just lay outside to tan. Getting outside doesn't have to just be going for walks. Honestly, any type of getting fresh air is so important.

Another thing I do to help motivate myself is prepare. I know, I know, it's just a walk but seriously choosing to get out versus just Netflix binging, surfing the web, or baking can be tough. So at the entryway of my home, I keep certain items readily available for me to use and motivate me to get outside, I keep a pair of headphones, walking shoes, and sunglasses near the entrance of my house. That way I'm not searching and digging for these items, I can just grab and go! 

I hope this post was helpful! I really find getting outside and getting fresh air an some sunshine gives me a much needed break (from whatever i'm doing) and lifts my mood! Even if I don't feel down or stressed, getting outside still makes me feel so much happier and healthier (mentally and physically!) Take advantage of great weather and great site seeing and look at outdoor time as a nice little retreat- not a chore!

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