Series Review: YOU

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Available on Netflix, YOU is a thriller series based on a young man (Pen Badgley, Gossip Girl) who becomes obsessed with a woman and not only stalks her every move but analyzes her routines, behavior, friends, and even sabotages parts of her life so he can win her over. 

This drama series isn't your typical "SwimFan" psychopath story. The story is told by the stalker, as he explains how he studies her life, and how frustrated he us that she's not as obsessed with him as he is with her. What's even crazier is this man knows how to act normal, how to act casual, as if he's not crazy or in love with her. And he wants her to take him as a good guy, a charming guy and while she falls for it- those around her have their suspicions of him which alarms the audience because we can already see what he's capable of when it comes to an obstacle. 

Having watched all of the first season, I will say that while this show is intense and pretty rated R (he watched her a lot through her window), it's such a psychological perspective of obsession. And this guy is good at heart, he can be inspirational. Yet certain woman bring out the psychopath in him. He's also smart about his prey. This woman is insecure and easily manipulated. She's also very beautiful and down to earth which makes her easy to fall in love with.  

I love the acting in this series- i think the main characters did a phenomenal job. Pen Badgley is the perfect actor for this role- he really sells you both version of a psychopath and an everyday man who is manipulative, witty, but also protective and lovable. Elizabeth Lail (beck) is the perfect actress for that damsel in distress who is trying to be a stronger, more stable person but always find herself falling apart and going crazy as the season comes to an end. Her character is sweet and trusting and you want the best for her but also get frustrated with her behavior. 

The ending was such a shocker and leaves you with so many questions! Again, this series is a psychological thriller and really takes you down an rabbit hole. Even after he wins the girl, it's not enough. As cringy and awful as the story is, it's eyeopening to how someone can be do dangerous and how an obsession can take many forms. 

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