My Holiday Candle Collection

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Candles are my favorite things and since the holidays always bring such cheer, buying and burning holiday candles is the ultimate best. I've always had precious, large stash of candles; I love switching out candles for new seasons, holidays, occasions, etc. I'm very strict with which candles I buy and when I burn them. really, it's almost a hobby! Last year, my candle collection during the holidays was simple, I had like two or three but this year I bought a couple more and found some new favs too.

My ultimate favorite is 'Tis the Season. OMG this candle smells THE best. It's a fresh and sweet scent with notes of apple and cinnamon which is ironic because I don't like apples (not even apple pie) and I have a low tolerance for cinnamon (except cinnamon rolls!). This candle is such a good one! I bought two this year and have them burning in the largest rooms because I can not get enough of this candle!

My next fav is Orange Chocolate Truffle which is a new one for me. Even though i was curious about this one, I smelted it in the store and didn't immediately love it. I let the store associate convince me to buy it and even after I bought it, i was still skeptical but this is one of those candles that smells differently lit than when it's not lit. This candle smells just like chocolate oranges, it smells fresh and sweet but in a more chocolate, warm way whereas 'Tis the Season smells fresh in sweet in a more crisp apple way. Also, my boyfriend thinks this candle smells really good!

My next fav is Vanilla Snowflake this one and Snowflake Citrus stay in my bathrooms because they're fresh scents except Vanilla Snowflake is much more vanilla-y. Snowflake Citrus is a light citrus scent- nothing too strong because event though I love citrus, citrus isn't a winter scent for me, so this light fresh citrus candle works well.Also, Vanilla Snowflake has such cute artwork! 

The last candle I have is Merry Cookie. I love anything vanilla or cupcake or baked goods scented so this one is nice to have. It's such a nice sugar cookie scent that i keep in my entryway so that when I have guests I can burn something warm and cozy. 

Of course I don't burn of all these at the same time! I burn the bathroom candles about once or twice a week, 'Tis The Season I burn almost every day, Orange Truffle and Merry Cookie I'll burn a couple times a week. Remember that Bath & Body Works Candles burn really well and release a powerful scent so if you leave them on too long (for more than a couple hours) you may get a headache like I sometimes do! 


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