My 2019 Blog Goals

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Personally, 2018 has been a wild ride for me. From quitting my miserable Corporate job to moving out of state, I've made some amazing life choices but have had some transitioning and adjustments to make. And these changes have caused some interruption in my blogging but have also provided me the opportunity to be more dedicated and passionate to my blogging in 2019! 

Blogging is my safe space to be creative and share thoughts, recipes, movie recommendations, and more! I love being able to "journal" and also be able to share my journaling with you all. 

  • Goal #1: Consistency

    • Being consistent isn't just about making time to do something- it also means planning. Because I'll sit here and stare at a blank post and wonder ok what am I posting today? Planning out content makes life so much easier because then things flow easily and posting (whether it be videos or blog posts) is done on time and effortlessly. Sometimes I'll stress out because I haven't' posted in a few days or I'm not sure which of my 3 videos to post now and save for later. All your ideas an creativity can become stress when it's all just floating in your head and not organized. So one of my new goals is to be more dedicated with being organized and consistent

  • Goal #2: Planning

    • This is easier said than done. Now, your girl loves to plan and color code and make lists and so forth but man am I bad at sticking to them! The issue is I don't take the time every day or even at the beginning of the week to review the lists I made and the planning and scheduling I've created. Being consistent in content and with my time and dedication is all crucial. In the new year, I am going to stay strict with planning and making time to plan!

  • Goal #3: Aesthetic 

    • Aesthetic can really change how you portray something. A picture can say a thousand more words with the right angle, lighting, and with the right content. To me, a picture isn't just showing something, it's providing a feeling, explaining a concept, and expressing more about who took the photo (what matters to them). I organize my instagram in a strict aesthetic way but I know I can post more content if i take the time to be more creative with lighting, props, and the content I post. For example, posting more makeup pictures (but I have to know what o post and how to style it!). Same goes for my blog. I'm going to take more time out to take my own, better photos and learn how to be more creative with photography.

  • Goal #4: Share more about myself.

    • What I mean by this is show people more about what means the most to me and what I love. Share my makeup of the day, share my outfit of the day, share playlists, journal more, etc. I made my YT to show my collections and talk to others about all the fun makeup and book and skincare stuff so i need to do that more because right now, I make more time to film what would be appropriate (ie seasonally or new popular makeup) which is okay but I also want to share more about random stuff I love even if it's not popular or in season!

So there are my new goals! Some detailed goals include hosting more giveaways, filming more makeup videos, but for big picture goals- I'd say these four sum it up. I'm really excited and love my blog and there's always ways to improve and be more dedicated and put forth more passion!


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