November Read

Thursday, December 6, 2018

November's book choice was Early One Morning, written by Virginia Baily . This novel is about a young woman, Chiara, who rescue's a Jewish boy, Daniel, during a round up of Jews in the Nazi era. But while Chiara thinks she is doing what's best for this little boy, raising him as her own proves very difficult and heartbreaking since they both have a hard time dealing with the truth of the matter, that Chiara is not his mother and doesn't have a right to "claim" him, even if she thinks she's helping him. 

This book was a fast read for me because the story leaves you wanting to know so desperately what happens to Daniel. This story goes back and forth between present time, 30 years later, and back to the past when she raised him, trying to escape getting caught and all the turmoil that came with her decision to help this little boy, who 30 years later may be dead from drugs. Chiara has endured a lot of heartache and now, 30 years later, finding out her precious "son" has a teenage daughter who never knew her father, Chiara has to relive the past all over again and help this little girl find her father, who as mentioned may not even be alive.

Throughout the story, you want it to end happy and you want everyone to finally find out what happened to Daniel and if he's okay. At first, I couldn't understand why Daniel turned to drugs and rebellion towards Chiara after what she did to save his life from the concentration camps but little by little Chiara explains how growing up without his own family and even finding out what happened to his family, Daniel has a hard time accepting how his life turned out- even if he should be happy to be alive. We may see Chiara as his savior, but Daniel's family is gone and that is something that everyone tries to explain to Chiara, who only sees her love for her "son". 

Honestly, this book was good! Sometimes I had to reread a paragraph or two because the author doesn't always clearly state the situation or who is being talked about but you piece it together. She includes a lot of imagery within environments and builds up a sense of wonder. I reccomend this book because it tells a beautiful tale about unconditional love. 

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