Album Review: Trench

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Even when I heard twenty one pilots biggest hits from Blurry Face play on the radio, I didn't really care for their music. It wasn't until I listened to other songs on that album that I fell in love with the band!  Blurry Face is such a good album- it's a mix of music genre's and there's a song for any age, any music taste, and any mood. It's such a good album, so naturally when their recent album, Trench, was released, I had high expectations, high high hopes.

The first song I heard was "Jumpsuit" and although it's catchy it was a little too hardcore for me and then the soft bridge confused me even though it is TOP style, but still I wasn't too amazed until I heard "Nico and The Niners" which is SO catchy! I love the song and so I was even more excited for the album. Here are the reviews of my favorite songs:

  • MORPH: This song is such a chill, catchy song. I love how Joseph goes between different notes within the chorus still making it flow so easily and so fun to sing. I also appreciate how deep the lyrics get- defining meaning of above (presumably heaven) and below (hell), making sense of it all, life and death, but in a catchy way. He's also very honest about how he feels hounded and surrounded- again very deep lyrics that you can bop too.

  • MY BLOOD: This is my most recent fav of the album. I wasn't immediately drawn to it but omg it's amazing. This song is about being there for someone else as if they're your own blood. Such a good message! The video is also beautifully done- standing up to bullies and being loyal. Again, deep message with a catchy, upbeat tune. SO impressive. 

  • CHLORINE: This song is so fun to blare in your car and head bang too. The rap portion of this song is also very good, very fun to rap along to and the ending of the song gets pretty dark, talking about regret and disappointment. But we can all relate to this song- having a relationship or addiction that feels toxic and basically "like sippin on straight chlorine"

  • THE HYPE: This song honestly reminds me of Blink 182 song- chill but mainstream at the same time. To me this song is about doubt and very pessimistic- almost like hearing those voices in your head that make you think negatively. It's a raw monologue about doubt and fear and getting "burnt" but learning to be stronger from it and in the end being fine.

  • BANDITO: This song has a catchy beat even thoght it's slow and kinda sad. It's about having choices and knowing who you are in the end and admitting who you are. In the end, the lyrics repeat :I created this world To feel some control Destroy it if I want" whcih really let's you in on the mentality and state of mind- what this band means. I don't listent o this song too often because again it can be sad with such a sad tune and haunting singing.It's one of those songs that can make you sad when you're not even sad. 

All the other songs on the album are great too but these are my favorite- on repeat all day. This album was a commercial success, some claiming it's even better than Blurry Face, and I highly recommend giving it a listen. It can be motivational, influential, honest, and overall is such a creative, piece of work. This was a lot like Blurry Face in that the music and lyrics are raw and make so much sense but with all new tunes and new ways of being transparent and relatable. From topics on suicide, relationships, childhood memories, and so much more, Trench continues to prove how freaking talented this band can be not just musically but lyrically.

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