Show Binge: Godless

Sunday, November 25, 2018

In search of a new series to watch, I randomly clicked on Godless, a Netflix series based on a story set in western times, about a group of bandits terrorizing towns until they find a traitor. Starring Jeff Daniels (101 Dalmations), and the very handsome Jack O'Connell, Godless was such a good show I binged it in one day!

I personally love western movies. Growing up, one of my favorite movies was Wild Wild West (Will Smith, Salma Hayek) and The Quick and the Dead (Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone). To me, the wild west was a time of settlement and survival. Every western depicts a story of independence and creating something out of nothing. The struggle looked real! this show is no different in those aspects but does feature some elements that you don't typically see in a western! It's a western story with modern twists. 

To sum up the plot: a gang of 30 men, led by the dangerous Frank Griffin, are on the hunt for one of their own, Roy Goode, who raised by the gang has suddenly betrayed them, especially Frank who raised Roy like a son. Stealing money isn't even the biggest issue for Frank, it's the broken loyalty after all frank has done for Roy. This story itself was unique to me, and really made you feel for Frank (the antagonist) but seeing as how the gang was dangerous, you can also sympathize with Roy (the protagonist) and his decision to leave the gang.  

Within this main story of father and son issues, there are two other major stories that really pull at your heartstrings. Roy hides out with a small family, secluded in the dessert. A single mother, her son, and the grandmother, tend to Roy's health and protection and in return he helps them train and tame their wild horses. Not only does Roy provide a father figure for the son, but he also makes the mom, Alice, feel safe and cared for. As badass and cold as Alice can be, she sees the good in Roy and strikes up a romantic relationship. What i really like is the show doesn't focus too much on the romance, which is actually saved for last. The show focuses on how a stranger can touch lives and impact a family. 

The other story told in this series is about a small town, La Belle, where a mining accident left only women to run the community. Immediately when we are introduced to the mayor's widow, Mary, I knew I was going to love her character. She's not your typical southern Belle. She's tough and doesn't care what other's think. She runs the town and let's no man tell her otherwise, not even her sheriff brother. she even forms a relationship with another woman, which the show really did a good job of portraying. The show focused more on the lesbian relationship than the relationship between the main character and his love interest. I found Mary's love story to be very inspirational! It's about trust and not giving a damn what other's say.

At the end, all stories come together as the small town of La Belle prepares to fight Frank Griffin's gang who threatens to burn down the town for briefly harboring Roy. And at the very end, Roy and Frank have a face off to finally end the terrorism. 

I honestly found this show amazing!! I loved every bit of the story and loved the characters so much!




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