Full Day of Pumpkin Meals

Thursday, November 22, 2018

As I'm sure many other grocery stores are, Trader Joes is packed with pumpkin flavored foods right now and even though i'm not crazy about pumpkin, every year I get more and more curious. This year, I decided to buy a full day's worth of pumpkin meals and fell in love with some of these foods!

First of all, Trader Joes has an obscene amount of pumpkin food but since I love Trader Joes, I knew I could trust them. There is pumpkin waffles, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin soup, and many more! BUT to not overdo it, I only bought a select range of foods. For breakfast, I bought bagels and I had a good feeling about these which turned out to be accurate. I am OBSESSED with these bagels! Year-round, i don't eat bagels at all because I think they're not worth the carbs but these pumpkin bagels from Trader Joes are amazzinngggggg. Especially toasted with regular cream cheese. They do carry pumpkin cream cheese- but that may be overdoing it lol.

For lunch or dinner, I bought a Pumpkin & Butternut squash pasta sauce and this sauce tastes SO good. It's a rich taste though, so i don't eat it back to back but I still love how it tastes. It's not a strong flavor- it's still mostly tomato but just with some pumpkin and butternut squash added. Delicious!

For Desert, I got pumpkin bread & muffin mix. i was nervous to buy this because some stuff made out of the box doesn't turn out good but this mix tastes great! All you add is eggs, vegetable oil, and water! I also added chocolate chips and if you warm this up with butter- phenomenal! 

Lastly, I was curious about the pumpkin spice almond milk. It's a bit too pumpkin flavored for me- I prefer a more subtle pumpkin taste but if you dilute it with water or add cream, or use it as a creamer for coffee, it's actually a nice flavor! But if there's one thing I probably won't repurchase, it would be the almond milk. 

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