Show Binge: Haunting on House Hill

Friday, November 9, 2018

In time for Halloween, Netflix premiered the horror series, The Haunting of House Hill. I've been anticipating this show because I'm always down for a good ghost story but this show exceeded my expectations and is so easy to binge!

Now, normally I don't watch scary shows alone or at night but let me tell you- this show is soooo addicting, I couldn't help it! The start off, this show isn't a scary "something pops out every 5 seconds", it's more of a psychological thriller in which it tells the story of how a family, especially the children, are mentally affected by a haunting in the house they lived in when they were young. That is something unique about this show- it's more about the impact and dealing with the effects well into adulthood. This house continues to haunt the family even years after moving out. And its not even just the ghosts- it's the memories and the unfinished business.

Another important and unique factor about the show is every episode goes back and forth between current, and past. the flashbacks provide answers but also leave you with more questions. And if you don't play close enough attention, you won't realize the bigger picture and the many answers to the many riddles. Sometimes, for me, flashbacks can be confusing and some shows or movies can over do it but for this show, the flashbacks honestly kept you addicted to finishing the puzzle. 

Lastly, I really loved the actors and characters in this show. I love that there's multiple children and that in every episode we focus on each character on how they were affected- past and present. Each sibling has their own memories of the haunting and they were affected in different ways. As adults- they try to forget and even play it off like it was just delusion- not real. But the hauntings come back to them one by one and help them leave behind their anger, and denial. I also found the whole twin intuition very spooky. And how one of the siblings has supernatural powers!

Between each character- you sympathize with them. With every memory- you relive the haunting along with the characters reliving it. And with every mystery- you find peace, just like the family eventually does. There are so many twists, so much shock, compassion, fright, mystery, but in the end all they have is each other or what is left of the family. 


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