October Read: The Passenger

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Written by Lisa Lutz, The Passenger is a thriller about a women on the run after her husband is found dead. While she claims her innocence, Tanya DuBois is still determined to escape her past and take on new identities in hopes of making a new future for herself. Throughout the entire book you'll find yourself asking, if she's innocent, why is she hiding and running away??

First off, when the reviews claim this book to be a page turner, it's a PAGE TURNER. I could not put this book down, which hasn't happened to me in a while! It goes by so quickly, keeping you asking for answers, and making your heart beat as fast as Tanya's must be with every nail biting situation she finds herself in. I personally found her charming, determined, and I was rooting for her even though I really doubted her innocence since she was on the run from more than just her husband's death. 

With every successful tactic, she is constantly faced with another dilemma and just when you think she's in the clear- thing's get worse. Also, the ending is such a plot twist, and so beautifully unraveled-I honestly was in such shock and left so bewildered. I couldn't stop recommending this book to friends. It's SO good. 

Even the people Tanya meets are mysterious, as mysterious as her life and future. I think the charming cop, the cryptic partner in crime (Blue), and even a stranger on the train who recognizes Tanya, all drive the plot even further, distracting Tanya, and making matters worse for her. As if murder, theft, and lying wasn't bad enough! All this woman wants to do is survive. 

This was especially a good read for the month of October, since it was so thrilling and suspenseful. The entire time, you feel what Tanya feels: unsafe, unsure, but determined to live at peace. This book takes you on roller coaster and you finally get to the light at the tunnel, as Tanya did with her life. 


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