September Read: Sharp Objects

Monday, September 24, 2018

I haven't been dedicated to my "reading" section of the blog and in fact i haven't made time to read which I know is a shame. BUT I am determined to read a book a month and for this month, I have been reading Sharp Objects which is the book that inspired the show. 

I honestly loved the show so much i saw the book in the store and immediately bought it. The show is so dark, so twisted, but beautifully tells a unique story of crime and family secrets. (You can read my blog post of the show here!

Let's discuss the book vs the show: I think reading the book and watching the show goes hand in hand. At the end pf the day, I prefer the show because it elaborates more and visually shows the situations and the darkness of the characters and plot. The book does elaborates on things the show doesn't and goes into more detail about specific things so I'm glad I read the book but watching the show first really helps me understand the book because without the show, I think i'd be confused on some things. I feel like the book rushes into the story so its nice to have the show kinda take more time to focus and explain. The book did however help me understand parts of the show where I was confused because I'm able to read the situation and not just watch it and be confused for example, the scene where Camille sees Amma for the first time at home and then there's a flashback to when she saw her at the park- that was't explained in the show but n the book it reveals how long it had been since Camille visited because at the park she thought Amma was just some stranger but when she goes home, sees that's er sister that she just didn't recognize because it's been years since they've met. In a way, that's foreshadowing of how Camille really doesn't know her sister and who her sister is which is key to the ending. 

Speaking of the ending, both the book and series end the story pretty abrupt and leaving the reader/viewer confused BUT the book does explain more about the killer and does have an epilogue! I think this book was a fast read, it's not a big book but like I mentioned, if it wasn't for the show, i would be rereading many passages because sometimes the book doesn't elaborate and it has alot of situations and characters, etc. I will be keeping the book for a future reread!

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