Moving Tips for Cat Owners

Thursday, December 20, 2018

We recently moved from California to Arizona and not only did we put our cats through a 6 hour drive we also had to move into an apartment and then move again into our new house. This move wasn’t easy for our three cats but we did research and took some steps to help them adjust. Also cat's do not do well with moving like dogs do so this was a great experience to learn from and I'm hoping you will get something useful.

  1. First of all, you know your pet best so you know exactly what triggers them and what eases them. But you should also have them examined by a vet. We are glad we did because the vet suggested sedatives and some calming tips. Unfortunately our cats are too smart and realized there was something in their food and would barely touch it and did not take the sedatives at all no matter what food we used or what time. Still, sedatives are worth a shot. They aren’t expensive and they could work! 

  2. My second piece of advice is to help them travel comfortably. Two of my cats hate a blanket over their kennel but the third cat slept better during the drive with a blanket over her kennel. I also laid a really thick mattress foam pad under their kennels to help eliminate the vibrations from the road. I also do not suggest taking your pet out of the kennel especially cats. Our cat Kira had a very rough time in her kennel and cried for 4 hours straight and when we took her out she was much more restless.  That’s when we put a blanket over her kennel and she fell asleep!!

  3. Make the new place as familiar as possible with toys, blankets, and a cat tree. When we moved into our temporary apartment for a couple months our girls weren’t happy. It was very small compared to their big home in California and it was noisy around us due to close neighbors. Our cats would hide under the bed all the time but we tried to help alleviate the stress by giving calming treats and spraying calming spray. We also brought items from our old home so they could feel more at ease.

  4. Look into calming diffusers and keep using familiar items. Once we moved into our new, big home they were much more comfortable. For one, we installed calming diffusers into the outlets and the big space of our home helped them feel more comfortable right away. Of course moving boxes and going in and out of the house and renovations had them a bit scared but overall, they felt more at home with a quieter, bigger, space. We also added their old toys and cat trees into the new home so they had something safe and familiar to remember and be around. 

I felt so bad moving our cats so much but I learned more about them and we did our research and tried our best.  Hopefully these tips help out and if you have any tips to share, please comment!

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