Show Binge: Sharp Objects

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I'm happy to announce I finally have cable and premium channels! For the last four years, we only had Netflix and as much as I love me some Netflix, there is only so much Netflix you can watch!

So we now get  a lot more channels and one of them is HBO which typically has good shows and movies! An HBO show that i started and binged is Sharp Objects. Starring Amy Adams (Enchanted, Leap Year), this crime drama is full of mystery not just within the story and plot but within the characters. From the opening credits to the climax of every episode, this show is very eerie and very dark, giving you chills. The cinematography, flashbacks, and even type of characters are all very well done and all fit together so well to create such a mystery. 

The plot is that of young reporter Camille who returns to her hometown to cover the story of a recent murder. During Camille's unannounced visit, more murders occur and she finds herself trying to solve them, not just write a story about them. The toll of the investigation grows as Camille also struggles with reliving her past and butting heads with her tormenting mother. But even if Camille can solve the murders and easily leave town to escape all the torment, she knows her mother is dangerous and this town is covering up too much that justice must be accounted for. 

The murders alone are very graphic and depressing- young teenage girls murdered and the possibility of family members being the murderers. But the psychological issues the main character struggles with is very detailed and really dark. Camille is a sad, lonely woman who carries a lot of anger and dark secrets that she has a hard time finding. Once the popular cheerleader in High school, Camille is now am obvious alcoholic, unable to let her walls down and be happy. This is what makes her visit back to her hometown very risky but even with opportunity to leave, she knows that everything she hates about her family and her hometown must be fixed; for her and for those she still cares about. 

I must warn you, this show is dark and can be graphic about many topics but is a very good show and really explores the psyche of a broken childhood and how it affects mental health. Watch the trailer below!



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