Mini Makeup Haul: Hard Candy

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The first time I saw Hard Candy Makeup in store, it was too expensive for me to try and it featured a lot of "wild" makeup (very colorful). That was like a few years ago and I don't see this brand very often so I forgot about it until I went to Walmart this week and as I walked by it I saw how affordable this makeup actually is!! I got so excited and bought some essentials: concealer, a lip product, and highlighter...

Let's start with the concealers because I was really looking forward to this product! I've been experimenting  with concealers lately, trying to find the right shade and formula. At first I was only using bright, cheap concealer and dealing with the flaws but I really want to invest in a great product that is also affordable! I've tried the Sephora brand, Catrice, NYX and I found that I want something thicker and just from the looks of this "Glamoflauge" (cute!) it looks thick and powerful! I couldn't decide between medium light so I got both.

Retailing at $6, this "heavy duty" concealer claims to "highly pigmented, blendable" and not only provide ultimate coverage but even claims be powerful enough to cover tattoos. Each tube comes with a small pencil for touch up or precise concealing (which is so cool!)

MY OPINION: A lot comes with the product! It is thick, a little does go a long way, it does cover very well ("heavy duty" BUT it's too thick for me and not very blendable. Also, at first its very bright and almost accentuates dark circles but as it warms to the skin it does sink in more! At first I decided to return the product but I think while I wouldn't use this under my eyes, it would work well for redness, such as pimples, and I would be sure to really moisturize wit coconut oil first so I can blend the product easier!

This next product I bought because the color looked so nice! The Cashmere Silk lip color in "biscotti" is a peachy-coral color. The formula is a "demi-matte" finish which at the moment of purchasing I forgot Is not my fav formula. I actually didn't read much about the product and just threw it in and was so excited to try it at home!

Retailing at $5, Hard Candy described this lippie as "lustrous" with a "teddy soft" applicator. This lip product is a sheer color but with a lot of pigment! It is also described as "silky smooth" The tube is pretty thin and more flat than round which is kinda perfect for your pocket or a small purse. I actually hate how all my lip products get bulky in my purse so this tube is pretty cool to have and not take up a lot of space!

MY OPINION: At first I was bummed that this turned out to be a sheer, almost lipgloss type of lip product but the color and the finish of the product is soooo nice! I love how it looks shiny but it is not at all sticky or heavy! 9I hate sticky lip products) It's also lightweight and very flattering because since it's not matte and a more natural look, I'm thinking it can fit most skin types. The applicator is kinda small but it is soft and the best part about this lip product is how soft it leaves your lips. OMG. It leaves your lips SO FREAKING SOFT. Hard Candy does claim this product will hydrate lips and man yes it will! For $5 I honestly can't believe how pretty and comfortable this product is and how soft it leaves your lips. It's such a good product and the only of it's kind that I own and I seriously recommend it. In fact, I may buy some of these as gifts!



The last item I purchased and was so excited for was the "Fox In A Box" highlighters/bronzers than not only have SUCH cute packaging but are also scented!  From cupcakes to Pina Colada, there are 5 to choose from with a good range of colors. The names of each of these colors is also sooo adorable: "Girl Boss" (light pearl), "Glamour Girl" (nude pearl), "Party Girl" (brown nude), "Girl Next Door" (pink purple), and "Uptown Girl" (light pink). I honestly have never fallen in love with such adorable product!

Retailing at  $7, these "bronzers" have a magnetic lid (Yas!) and come with a small brush. Hard Candy claims these marbleized baked bronzers to be "soft, velvety" and provide a natural look. 

MY OPINION: First of all, I only purchased one of these and girl, I am buying more! I bought one to test it out and I loved it. While these are called "bronzers" I bought "Girl Boss" as a highlighter. I don't see it dark or colorful enough to use as bronzer or blush and I think it's perfect as a pearly highlighter! I will be purchasing some of the other color though, to try as blushes, other highlights and maybe even a bronzer! I do like that they are versatile and can be used for either of those options. As a highlight, "Girl Boss" is such a beautiful color and these are pretty pigmented so you don't have to dig into the product ad can use a little to go a long way which is awesome! 

Final Thoughts:

This brand is very cute, very unique which is impressive because I feel like so many brands these days, especially cheaper brands, don't carry very original and adorable packaging/products. A lot of brands are trying to be dupes for other bigger more popular brands so finding a lot of unique and very cute products within the Hard Candy brand is refreshing! I also love that this brand is cheap but does not have cheap products. Everything I tried worked well, even if something wasn't what I was originally looking for, it all works so well and can be used for other needs (i.e. the concealers). I honestly didn't think i'd love the lip product so much and I really like the "bronzers"! They smell good and apply so well. Overall, I seriously recommend this brand and trying out some of the products. I look forward to buying more from Hard Candy!

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