Film Fav: Bachelorette

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

If you're looking to watch a comedy that is literally the female version of "The Hangover", Bachelorette is the movie! This movie centers on a whirlwind of a journey for 3 best friends who are prepping for a wedding that they end up ruining along the way, unintentionally but also as a result of carelessness. 

To begin with, these three best friends never envisioned that the least attractive and socially popular friend would be the one to get married first. Secondly, all of these women have a plan of their own that does not put the bride to be as a priority. Partying, drugs, and hooking up become the mission and issue for this wedding and because each of these ladies has their own motive, personality, and personal issues, they scramble to fix their mess and in the end realize what matters, and realize they have to grow up. 

Starring one of my favorite actresses Kirsten Dunst and one of my other favs., Isla Fisher, this almost coming of age movie is well put together! I love all the different personas and how each woman's personal journeys flourish! Being able to tell the stories of three women within the story of a wedding for the 4th friend can be a film challenge because you want everything to tie together and be as cohesive while being a comedy. I think this movie did a great job of multitasking and in the end, bringing it all together.  I felt I could relate to every character and every situation; You want to have fun with the party like Lizzy and Isla's character but also get shit done like Kirsten's character. All while expect everything to turn out perfect... like Rebel Wilson character. Every character has their own goals and as opposite as they all are, you root for each of them which was exciting for me! 

Available on Netflix, this comedy is the perfect girl night in movie! It has romance, suspense and adventure as well as a couple of lessons for everyone to learn. I love every actress, every story, and the happy ending!!



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