Show Fav: Schitt's Creek

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I've always found Eugene Levy to be comical so when I saw a show him and his son produced, I had to watch the pilot and now three seasons later I am in love!

This comedy is based on the story of a filthy rich family that loses everything and gets stuck in a run down town, living in a motel and struggling to get back on their feet. But as they refuse to integrate into the community and be a part of such a rural town, they learn the value of friendships, selflessness, and being the family they never were.

Mom and Dad, Johnny and Moira, do their best to raise their adult children in an environment so outside their comfort zone. Moira, a soap opera star, tries to use her talent as a council woman and video business owner, Johnny, helps out in the town any way he can- in the restaurant, motel, and even local car shop in efforts to build good will and his business. Both oblivious, these parents come from such great wealth and continue to dress wealthy and expect the recognition they're use to.

Siblings, David and Alexa also struggle to get accustomed to the new lifestyle that their parents never exposed them to. Never having worked a day in their lives, these comical and clueless kids fight the need to roll up their sleeves but in the end do what they can to live somewhat comfortably. Alexa is an airhead who just wants to have fun and finds ways to live it up. Stuck up David is smart like his dad, but very sassy! These two siblings argue all the time and while they have good intentions, always find themselves in awkward situations.

I really love this show! I think it's so cute and so comical. You really watch a family grow and learn so much about the world, themselves and about being the famiyl they never were. Watch a clip below and fall in love like I did!

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