Show Fav: Shooter

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I kid you not, Shooter is such a suspenseful, edge of your seat, need to watch the next episode, show.

I was so intrigued to see this show before it even aired and was so excited that it's on Netflix because ya'll know how much I love me some Netflix binge. Before we talk about what a great show this is, be warned that I may be (totally am) a huge Ryan Phillippe fan. Like I have seen every movie, some of my top fav movies star Ryan, and I think he's just handsome and a great actor.

This show is about a veteran sniper who living his quiet, lakehouse, small family life is asked to protect the president during one of the events. Unfortunately, he was set up, and is being accused of trying to kill the president and now he is on the run, escaping being caught and killed. Every episode has insane action, insane plot twists, and you honestly are right there with the characters as this father is trying to keep his family safe and as his family is trying to keep in touch with this fugitive. Played by Ryan, Bob Lee Swagger is a very intelligent man, always a step ahead but the longer he is trying to escape, the more dangerous and more mistakes/miscalculations he begins to make.

I watched the entire season in one weekend. It was so good. This show features so many themes: ethics, politics, love, betrayal, faith, and most importantly: survival.

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