New LDR Album: Lust For Life

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I have been waiting so patiently for new music from my queen, Lana del Rey and here we are! So let's dive into this review...

Please know, I am super in love with Lana so this review is pretty biased. BUT it is a 100% honest review. I do have some constructive criticism one being that the album cover is NOT a good choice. It's great that Lana is all smiles but this photo of her is not the most flattering. It's a wierd angle for me and kinda creeps me out. Maybe because we are so use to seeing her with a sultry pout, emotionless and daring. The only other thing is that I feel this album lacks more upbeat music. I love Lana in her entirety whether she's jazzy, pop, hip-hop, or rock but we got so much depression out of Ultraviolence and Honeymoon, I really want some more Born to Die beats only because it's cute Lana, it's fun and spunky Lana. Even the uptempo songs such as "Get Free" are still kinda slow and sad. 

Ok those were my two negative comments and they aren't a dent in Lana's talent or how wonderful the album is, I just think she shouldv'e had a different album cover and as an album released in summer, it would've been nice to have more "fun" songs.

Anyways! Let's get into the beauty of this album and why I freakin love it. The tracklist does have a good mix of hip-hop and jazz music. Also, this is the first album to feature so many other artists. Her albums have increasingly featured more and more artists, not to mention goddess Stevie Nicks!!! (also I thought Courtney Love would be on it- that would be icing on the cake!) What's beautiful about Lana's style is as jazzy and rock as it can be- when she pairs up with hip hop artists such as The Weeknd and A$AP Rocky, it goes so well. The melodies and styles interwine so beautifully that Lana isn't sacrificing any of her talent or even selling- out. These songs are very youthful and provide a feeling of adventure.   

This album also features the usual emotional Lana, with talks about existentialism and some darkness but this record, compared to her previous two, is more positive and uplifting with themes of motivation, looking forward to the future, and being your best self whether that means in love, or moving on form a relationship. This album is also pretty patriotic with songs like "Change", "Coachella", and "God Bless America". 

I honestly enjoy every single song and I love every song for it's own message and melodies. Lana stays true to her style but also provides more uplifting content and expands her lyrics to not just personal experiences but also current events. My favorite songs are almost all of them, honestly. Every song is so freakin wonderful but I will say the more depressing songs like "Heroin" are not my super fav only because when Lana gets dark she gets super dark. BUT there are plenty of catchy songs. I currently have "Cherry" stuck in my head.










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