DIY: Sunburn Relief

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

My favorite part of summer is the sun- duh! I love to lay out and sunbathe whether it's at the beach- on my deck at home or just chilling in a pool. To me, sunshine is happiness but sunburns can really be a buzz kill! 

I try to be as natural as possible when applying anything to my skin and when treating any thing on your skin- such as a sunburn- going as chemical free as possible is my goal so I did my research and found some homemade recipes for sunburn creams...

Some household products that really help deal burnt skin include (the common known) aloe vera gel, coconut oil, cocoa butter and even olive oil! Essential oils such as lavender also help to relieve sunburns. 

To begin, you want your oils melted so it's easy to mix the cream. Essential oils go a long way so only a few drops are necessary. If you're like my boyfriend, you hate the smell of coconut oil so for him I make a cream with only a slight amount of coconut oil. 

A really good tip is to put this cream in a jar with a pump! That was it's easy to just pump it out OR if you got a lot of sunburn keep it in a jar so you can easy grab a bunch to slather on all over. Another tip is to use aloe vera straight from the plant- not store bought tubes of aloe vera. That way you get 100% of the help straight from the plant with nothing added.

Lastly, you can store the cream in the fridge briefly just so that when you apply it it's nice and cool!


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