Lush Review: Toothie Tabs

Friday, June 23, 2017


Toothy Tab are one of those Lush products are are really a head-scratcher. The concept of tooth paste being replaced with tabs is really unique and may seem like a waste of time but once I started using these about two years ago, I've never gone back to tooth paste!

Toothy tabs are solid powder tabs filled with different natural ingredients to brighten your teeth and clean your mouth. The options have expanded to 10 different toothy tab flavors ranging from spearmint to wasabi. I prefer to use toothy tabs as familiar in flavor as the usual minty toothpaste but since I also love citrus, my go to toothy tab is Limelight. When you choose a toothy tab such as Limelight, Dirty, or Miles of Smiles, your keeping the flavors as similar to regular tooth paste so transitioning to tabs isn't as awkward as say a wasabi or ginger toothy tab. 

How do you use toothy tabs? The concept may seem weird but it's actually not and I got use to them within a week. You simply chew on them and brush! I wet my brush first to help the tabs dissolve and fizz, brush, and then spit out. I really feel like the tabs get in between my teeth and cover every area of my mouth. And it's not as messy or thick as paste so it's easy to use and clean up after. 

Are they as effective as tooth paste? Heck yah! I've actually noticed my teeth get whiter quicker with tabs than paste. No joke! I honestly recommend these since I personally use them. You can ask for a sample of them too, just to check them out!

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