Show Fav: Riverdale

Saturday, June 17, 2017

 A CW show, Riverdale aired right when my fav show The Vampire Diaries ended and I'm glad for that because I was depressed after The Vampire Diaries ended and Riverdale is actually a good mystery show that had me aching for me when season one ended. 

Riverdale is now on Netflix (fack yah), and it is an adaptation of Archie Comics featuring young kids who like the Scooby Doo gang, are solving a mystery. Riverdale is a small town full of secrets and falling apart after the death of a rich, popular jock, Jason Blossom. His murderer could be anyone and no stone can be left unturned as the killer ends up being the last person anyone in Riverdale thought wold be capable of murdering young and sweet Jason. 

Every episode is fill of more questions and answers than the last episode as best friends Betty, Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Cheryl are not only learning to cope after Jason's murder but are also finding more and more lies and mysteries within the mystery of his death. 

Here is why I love this show: It's a mystery. It's set in a dark, gloomy town. It's retro yet modern in setting, fashion, and lifestyle. The actors are perfect for their roles. You have a great a variety of characters: the sweet jock, the rich bitch, the wanna-be badass girl next door, the loner boy from the other side of the tracks, and the evil popular girl. But no matter what their sterotype, each character has a good spot in their core and they all want to solve Jason's murder. 

My only comment about the show is some of the characters are a little too much of their role that it can be unrealistic. For example, Cheryl's bitchy comments can be a little too bitchy that it's almost hard to see the character as a person in the show and not just a character. Another example is Veronica's clothing. No one in high school dresses like that, no matter how rich (i.e. high heels) so that can distract you from following along the show. (But other than that, the show really is good.)

I really enjoy how the show fits in time to provide the audience the opportunity to not only get to know the town, the storylines, and the characters but also the families and the history of the town and families. There's a lot going on in this show and they did a great job of fitting everything in but not rushing or being too vague. 

My favorite characters are Cheryl and Betty. Betty is becoming her own person- solving mysteries and standing up for what's right, despite her mother's demands to stay out of trouble. Cheryl is learning to cope with her brother's murder and learning to do the right thing and not hide in dark secrets like her family always has. My favorite couple is Jughead and Betty. You have the perfect opposite's attract couple here! Jughead (who became increasingly sexy to me, with his bad boy, loner self) is the outcast whose dad is in a gang while Betty is the sweet girl next door who is turned down by her crush Archie.  

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