New Album by Lorde: Melodrama

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Lorde's highly anticipated new album, Melodrama, comes 4 years after insanely popular album Pure Heroine, which solidified Lorde's unique and powerful voice and "immaculate" talent.

From the minute I heard her first EP, I was so drawn to Lorde's music because it's a dark form of pop that gives a dose of harsh reality with the beats you can bump to, which isn't common music but is so popular. That's what makes Lorde such a star: Pure Heroine featured songs about being a teenager, war, poverty, and overall an album that was thought-provoking as well as with music that featured heavy beats but also some simple instruments. Hits such as "Tennis Court", "Royals", and "Team" were all very pop but also very raw in lyrics. Pure Heroine is one of the few albums I love in it's entirety, every single song speaks to me, every song is catchy, addicting, and as mentioned, thought- provoking. 

Now, with new music, I was honestly very nervous and excited to hear it because Lorde made such an impact on how I perceived pop music and she became an artist that brought a new sense of what music is for: not just for entertainment but to really dig into feelings, actions, and experiences. I heard Greenlight and I feel it's too mainstream, too pop for Lorde and I got very worried that she forgot what her talent entailed and how to use her voice and songwriting. BUT with her new album released, I listened to every song a few times and I can confidently say, Lorde has come back bigger and stronger than before!

Melodrama is just as good and similar as Pure Heroine but even better because her lyrics are even more raw since she has experiences much more being as popular as she is. I think she has also gained more confidence from the reception of her first album and the incredible anticipation of this album. Every song is such a masterpiece in the songwriting and genre aspect. The pop and party element of her music, such as "Perfect Places", and "SuperCut" draws youth in while the mature, deep lyrics draw intellects to relate to it. Thus, her album isn't targeted to one specific genre or audience, it draws everyone in! Just like Pure Heroine, you can bump the beats but still sing to it because you connect to it, not just because you enjoy the tunes.

My favorite songs are "Homemade Dynamite", a song about self-sabotage, "Sober II (Melodrama), written about her experience as a celebrity, and "Writer in the Dark", which is a outspoken way of declaring obsessive love for someone. I highly recommend this album! While those are my top 3 favorites, every song on this album is amazing. 


Melodrama is now streaming everywhere, including Spotify, and available on iTunes!!!

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