Lush Fav: Herbalism

Monday, May 29, 2017

 One of the most effective acne fighting, oil reducing Lush products there is Herbalism, a cleanser filled with powerful yet gentle herbs. It is exfoliating and deep-cleansing, packed with a toning blend of rosemary and chamomile. The almonds help to exfoliate while the sage fights off bacteria. This cleanser also reduces redness since it is filled with chamomile!

I have ALWAYS had a pot of Herbalism in my restroom and while I don't need to use it daily, I did and will when I need a good clean and to help prevent breakouts. This cleanser literally makes you feel so fresh and clean and because it has tiny particles to it, you feel that deep cleanse. It leaves a soft, clean feeling and you immediately see a reduction in redness. I highly recommend this product.

Using Herbalism is tricky and I have always used it properly but many people do not use it the most effective way. The trick is to NOT get the entire pot of the product wet, but only the what little pieces you use each time. You grab a piece, wet only that piece and apply to you face or body. Note: Be very careful not to get this in your hair because it's hard to get out!

This product will go a long way but can also dry out over time so be sure to use it in a timely manner. I would say after 3 months it can start drying out. Using it fresh is best since it's easier to use while fresh and not dried out. Check out the video below on everything Herbalism, including how to use and apply...



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