Happy Birthday, Stevie Nicks!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite artists ever... the legendary Stevie Nicks. A member of Fleetwood Mac since the 70's, Stevie Nicks has made music and performed for 5 decades and is still making music to this day! 

At 69 years old, Stevie started her musical carer with then boyfriend Lyndsey Buckingham who both joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975. Even though the couple broke up by the 80's, they have made 7 studio albums together. Between Fleetwood Mac albums, tours, a band break up, a reunion, and the personal tribulations that came with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks herself has recorded 8 albums and performed 17 tours. 

Stevie is often referred to as the Queen of Rock and if you listen to any of her albums, especially her first two solo albums, you'll fall in love. Stevie is known for her powerful vocals, unique fashion, and enchanting performances. Considered one of the most beautiful women, Stevie has a humorous personality, an infectious smile, but more than anything is a very empowering artist. While her music has themes of romance and relationships, her vocals and music transfers a lot of strength and freedom. Her vocal range and beautiful lyrics can bring a song of sweet memories, such as " Dreams" or "I Sing For The Things", or a song of viscous revolt, "I Can't Wait", "Edge of Seventeen". But regardless of the theme of music she generates, her persona is always down to earth. 

Stevie is an artist I listen to DAILY. Her music is always applicable to my feelings whether upset, happy, sad, or excited. I personally LOVE 70's and early 80's Stevie Nicks and I find alot of her really talented songs are actually demos or songs never really featured on albums such as Blue Lamp, Silver Springs, and Julia.

My top fav Stevie Nicks songs are: If I Were You, Gate And Garden, Sable On Blond, Beauty And The Beast, Bella Donna, Think About It, and of course Edge Of Seventeen. My fav Fleetwood Mac songs featuring Stevie as main are: Rhiannon, Beautiful Child, That's Alright, and Straight Back. My favorite live performances include one of her first, the Midnight Special in 1976 (first video) and one more recent, in 1997, The Dance, (second video). 

Aside from music, Stevie has overcome a lot of challenges that the music industry and her art has brought along such as drug abuse, her rocky relationship with Lyndsey, and the negativity that can be perceived amongst Stevie, such as the claims that she is a witch. Through it all, Stevie has used her music to stay motivated and inspire others. She has worked with a wide range of artists such as Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow, and even an upcoming collab with Lana (yay!). She has done duets with Rod Stewart, Don Henley, Vanessa Carlton, Harry Styles and Adam Levine, to name some. 




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