Journal: Relationship Advice

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Celebrating our 3 years together this July, my boyfriend and I are always finding time to spend together in a way that is refreshing and peaceful for both of us. I think spending time together isn't just going out or going on dates; It's also making time to relax together and be in peaceful settings together. 

Jeff and I love going on hikes and bike rides but it's also the morning walks, the window shopping, and the sunset patio sessions that make us feel closer to each other because we are enjoying each other's company in times of quiet and mellowness. Being able to make the time to just be with each other without expecting any entertainment or any background noise is the core of a relationship. It's being there with one another and not expecting some outside elements to make the moment. I think too often we may rely on environmental noise and influences, such as a party or amusement park, to help two people have fun. And there's nothing wrong with that- that's great but the true test of being able to be with each other and appreciate each other is when you can be in a quiet setting and still enjoy it. 

With that being said, some ideas on how to enjoy some one and one time is going on walks, visiting an art gallery (converse about opinion), and even a road trip! Driving for hours with some music can really show how well you can relate to someone. When Jeff and I go on road trips we find ourselves understanding each other's space and personalities. While he is more mellow than I am he gets a kick out of my 80's radio sing a longs and I appreciate his small talk about future plans. Road trips give us the time to plan events or discuss home projects that given our busy work schedule we wouldn't have really thought about. 

Here are some pictures of some moments where we  used quiet time to just be in each other's company. We love taking our bikes to the beach, getting some crisp air on Saturday mornings, and of course roadtripping!

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