New Album: Paramore

Sunday, May 14, 2017

I have been following along on the Paramore music journey since the release of "Misery Business" when I was in Jr High. In college, Paramore was my fav music. It was music led by a spunky, girl-power female lead... music about everything- love, adventure, friendships, and a voice that expresses guilt, anger, romance, solitude, and even empowerment. To me, Paramore was a music of youth & the journey of growing up.

Paramore has released their fourth album and while they started out more rock than pop they are now more pop than rock which many fans have not found appealing. While I don't feel like Paramore has drastically changed their style, their music has taken a more 80's pop sound and fashion, especially "Hard Times" music video, which is very colorful and fun, just like the song.

I feel the transition into this new style is actually smooth since the albums from the beginning have progressively turned more pop over time. "Hard Times" is very catchy as is "Told You So." I think "Told You So" video is actually confusing, it's dark half the time then fun and celebratory the other half which may be an indicator for Hayley William's feeling towards going solo?? All I know is the new music is definitely something new to digest but I'm not turned off by it. 

My favorite song so far is "Tell Me How" which is about learning to move on from a relationship and coping with the emotions of a broken friendship. The lyrics are very raw: "You keep me up with your silence. Take me down with your quiet. Of all the weapons you fight with Your silence is the most violent. Tell me how to feel about you now Tell me how to feel about you now. Oh, let me know. Do I suffocate or let go?" The music in this song is very calming but also something you can sway to. It's sad but the beat is not depressing. Another good song is "Rose Colored Boy", very upbeat but again this song, like most of the others, is pretty dark and emotional. How this band manages to have an upbeat, pop record with such dark lyrics is pretty enchanting.

I personally LOVE 80's music and since I'm still somewhat interested in Paramore and I'm pretty fond of Hayley Williams, this record is pretty god in my opinion. I've listened the the entire album and I can say it's music you can play at a pool party or bbq, for sure. MOst of the songs are pretty catchy and actually while they're similar to 80's music, they are also completely unique. 



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