July 5, 2019

One of the innovative products Lush has is their dry shampoos. To be honest, I never really understood their importance other than perfect for travel. You can purchase a bar tin for storage and since they're small, they're even more convenient! Lush also sells a variety of these depending on your haircare needs. I haven't used one in years and when I randomly decided to use one again, I was convinced these bars are a must have!

The two bars I've ever tried are Seanik and Karma Komba. Seanik ingredients include seaweed, sea...

July 14, 2018

To be honest, Curly Wurly is not the easiest shampoo to use, due to the chunks of coconut you have to lather into your hair and try to wash out. BUT with enough patience, you could get really moisturized, shiny, and overall tamed hair!

I tried this coconut shampoo years ago and I really liked how it made my hair feel! Infused with coconut, eggs, and avocado butter, this shampoo is perfect for those who need hydration for their hair, curly or not. The scent isn't overpowering either. You could even let this sit in and use a...

March 17, 2018

One of my favorite shower gels at Lush is one that I am running low on at the moment. I have about one or two more uses left and it made me think to write on post about how lovely (and necessary) this gel is!

First of all, this is a favorite of mine because of the scent. I love anything citrus and this shower gel is packed with Mandarin and lemon oils, which is so uplifting! This gel also includes bergamot which is not only a great, refreshing scent to the nose, but it is also calming for the mind! I like to use this gel j...

September 8, 2017

One of the most affordable, and delicious, products at Lush is the lip scrubs! I'm a fan of these because they're are edible and actually work really well. Yup, these are edible and I always have a lip scrub in my purse at all times.

The main ingredient, sugar, is a abrasive enough to exfoliate but also gentle enough to moisturize. Man, can these lip scrubs really leave your lips feeling soft. My favorite is Chocolate and Mint Julips. There's also a bubblegum and popcorn scent and in the holidays you can expect a cherry co...

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